The Great Things about Indonesia Furniture

Discussion about Indonesia furniture will not be completed without talking over wood. Wooden furniture is not only famous locally. This type of furniture actually has many fans worldwide. It comes in various different forms. You can find chairs, tables, and even bed frames made of this material. Some people are not really sold to the idea of using this material as furniture for some reasons. However, these following points might convince you otherwise.

What are the Great Things about Wooden Indonesia Furniture?

As stated previously, there are people who still have reservation about having wooden or even rattan furniture in their houses. The reasons are related to some of its characteristics. Indonesia furniture made of rattan can be uncomfortable, particularly the one in chair form. Without cushioning, the chair can give discomfort, such as pain in the back and bottom of its occupant. Giving the chair a cushion is something that should be done.

People also worry about its maintenance. The weaves in rattan furniture may be unraveled after several years down the road. Unraveled furniture will not look good to the eyes, much less being comfortable to use. The sharp edge can also harm owner if not careful. In order to maintain its look, the furniture should be cleaned every once in a while too. That can be a tedious job.

Despite the discomfort, many homeowners are still pretty much interested in making Indonesia furniture an addition in their house. Here are some great things about this material that can outweigh its disadvantages.

  1. It is Able to Withstand Extreme Outdoor Weather

In fact, rattan is among few organic materials that can be placed outdoor. This material is capable of enduring harsh weather. It will not be damaged when receiving ample amount of sun and heat. During cold seasons, the material is also capable of resisting the temperature too. The finishing plays a role in this. Owner is suggested not to soak it, but instead coating its outside with lacquer.

  1. The Material is Friendly to the Environment

Well, it is more sustainable materials than other woods. To make furniture, harvester only needs to cut vines from the trees. The vines will grow back and mature only in few years. Vines are also abundance in the jungle. Meanwhile, wood requires harvester to cut down an entire tree. This practice is overdone these days, contributing to deforestation across the earth. Indonesia furniture made of rattan is definitely friendlier to the environment.

  1. Adaptable and Durable

Building furniture requires great skills. However, this material is quite forgiving. It can be built into any design and form that buyer wants. This material can be made into shelves, sofa, table, and many other furniture pieces. If the furniture is cared properly, it can last for decades too. It can be passed down to the next generation.

Those three points explain how rattan furniture can be more superior to any other material in the market. It is considered the trademark of furniture Indonesia. Without doubt, it certainly deserves that title.

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