Four Reasons to Use Timber for Windows

Are you planning to replace your home’s windows? If so, you should decide on the material to use. You can pick from a broad range of window styles and assessing the benefits and drawbacks of each can be challenging. Fortunately, big lumber yards can offer high-quality timber for your needs.

Timber used to be the only material homeowners can use for their windows; however, materials like vinyl and aluminum have been popularly used in recent years. These materials have their own benefits but timber windows are worth considering. Below are the main benefits of using timber for windows:

It is Sustainable

In terms of building materials, timber is the most sustainable. This natural resource is available in abundance. The majority of timber used today comes from sustainable forests or plantations with the harvested trees being replaced with new growing ones. Timber showcases low carbon footprint as it does not require a good deal of processing to make a usable building material. This is especially true if you buy FSC lumber. Timber products are manufactured with limited emissions. Also, the growing trees capture carbon from the air, boosting the environment-friendliness of timber.

It Can Excellently Insulate Homes

Timber possesses high insulation properties. The wood’s internal structure contains small air pockets that offer an effective barrier against heat and cold transfers. When compared to aluminum, timber insulates more effectively. Although windows made from timber can be more expensive than those made from vinyl or aluminum, homeowners can recoup the cost over time as they save on their home’s energy consumption.

Timber is Durable

Timber is known to outlast a lot of other building materials boasting a lifespan of over 100 years. On average, windows made from vinyl will last up to forty years while aluminum windows may last just up to twenty years. With proper maintenance, timber windows can last even longer.

It is Appealing

Timber windows provide homes with beauty and warmth. Timber can be painted with any color or left bare to display the wood’s natural beauty.  Also, timber is good to touch because of its smooth and warm surface. This is a feature that vinyl and aluminum finishes cannot match. Also, windows made of timber give charm and character to any home.

If you want to use timber windows for your home, look for a reputable lumber supplier. The right lumber yard should have a big selection of materials available in various sizes and styles to choose from.

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