Be An Organized House Hunter

You have secured your financing and are ready to purchase a new home. Whether you are a first-time buyer or buying a bigger home for your family, looking and deciding on a house can be a very time consuming and overwhelming undertaking. It does not have to be and with a few simple steps house shopping can be fun and exciting.

Being an organized house hunter is important as you do not want to make one of life’s biggest purchases on a whim or under pressure. Take time to consider what you want out of a new home and what you need to feel happy with your choice.  If you’re looking to buy Springfarm Yorkhill real estate in an organized way these tips will help you.

Location, location, location. One of the most important decisions you make when buying is where you want to live. Familiarizing yourself with local neighbourhoods can help with this. If you are moving to a new city do some online research. Think about whether walkability is high on your list and if you want to be close to restaurants and yoga studios. Families with children will want to look into schools and access to extracurricular activities.

Rural or urban. All home buyers have different priorities and preferences. Some are drawn to more urban centres while others want to live with their closest neighbour at least five-minutes away. If you have always dreamed of owning horses or you already do an apartment will not suit your needs. While someone in pursuit of a high-powered career in a high-rise will make a different choice. Families might want to move to the suburbs.

Creating a budget. You will need to have a chat with your bank or mortgage broker and figure out what lenders are willing to lend you. This does not mean you have to buy at the top of your borrowing capabilities. Just because you can get the money does not mean you should spend it. We all have desires separate from owning a house. Some people want to travel or go back to school. Factor in all of your expenses or you might end up with less than you think.

Necessities. It is easy to get excited about a house and seriously discuss a purchase only to realize in hindsight that it does not suit your family’s needs. For an active family with young kids a big yard may be a must but for a retired couple a low maintenance yard may be what is needed. Think about how many bedrooms are required and if you want a basement. These decisions can really make a difference price-wise as well.

Space and size. While some house owners prefer a big space with a large number of rooms others are happier in a smaller cozier home. If you have not really thought about it you might swing back and forth as you look through places with your realtor. This may not be high up as things to ponder but it should be a major consideration. Larger houses cost more to heat and cool while smaller houses may feel claustrophobic to some. It is a personal preference.

Take your time. It is normal to feel jump up and down excitement when you think you have found a home you love. You want to be sure though that it is not just the decorating talking to you. On the other hand some houses may look lackluster on first appearance but a little paint and varnish may be all it takes to spruce them up. Take notes as you look at houses and compare each to your list of necessities.

Check out the market. You will not really know what is out there unless you look at a decent number of houses. This does not mean you should draw out the process for months and months it just means you need to have enough house viewings under your belt to be able to make an educated decision on what is worth what. Of course a passionate and experienced real estate agent makes all the difference and can help narrow down the search.

Do not rush into home ownership. This is a major purchase. If you have buyers regret you cannot just take it back to the store. Buying a house is a big commitment so treat it like one. Making a list and using it to go over pros and cons helps ensure you get the home you want.

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