5 Stunning Benefits Of Having A Cast Stone Chimney Mantel At Home

Fireplace mantels or chimney mantels are the one decor product that can make a lot of difference in the way your house looks. Besides, they add to the value of the property as well. No matter you’re renovating your house, decorating it for holidays, building a new house for a comfortable stay, or just trying to redo the interiors for a different look, unique pieces like the custom chimney mantels by Omega should be your ideal picks. And the reasons that make these chimney mantels so exquisite and popular are given below.

  1. They Have A Perfect Fitting

When done by professional designers, the fireplace measurements are taken with precision. Thus, the stone mantels sit perfectly around the chimney and can draw heat from all sources – fire, gas, and oil – without getting damaged. The reason behind such stability is that limestone does not burn when exposed to fire

  1. They Have Adorable Shades

When handmade by artisans from the league of profound stone artisans from medieval Europe, the mantels live up to the same quality, strength, and finish. As a result, you get the most authentic looking pieces for your house. And the most popular current colors and patterns include chocolate honed, ash veined homed, Sahara diamond, and gray open cast

  1. They Are Long-Lasting

Limestone is strong – it doesn’t deteriorate from heat, doesn’t swell with moisture, and doesn’t charr from fire. Therefore, limestone chimney mantels are the best long-lasting options that can be made affordable too. Besides, the variety in shape and carving is unique too

  1. They Can Save Power

Limestone chimney mantels reduce power consumption because they are enough to keep a room warm. As a result, you do not need extra sources, running on electricity, to keep the house insulated and cozy. All in all, limestone chimney mantels reduce electricity bill and prove to be economical in the long run

  1. They Beautify The House

Since it is easy to carve delicate patterns on cast stones, the cast stone made chimney mantels look breathtaking with gorgeous designs. You can also order handmade chimney overmantels that are built differently and are rated the highest in beauty, quality, and precision

Things To Consider While Buying A Chimney Mantel

  • Pre-order a sample to select the shade and pattern to avoid any future disappointment
  • Do not buy chimney mantels from stores that aren’t customers’ recommended
  • Keep your budget in mind while nurturing your desire of finding a worthy chimney mantel to decorate your house

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